Summer Fun Programme

SUMMER FUN is an outdoor activity programme that offers the possibility to enjoy your holidays, not only with sun and relaxation, but with many more experiences that Mallorca has to offer.

The program is for under 16’s. The main objective is to feel good and make friends doing outdoor activities and enjoying the sea. Our philosophy is an education based on principles to improve young’s people lives. We want to offer the opportunity to improve relationships between people in Europe and around the world.

The activity programme has a main feature:  water!  We know we are fortunate with our location on the map, and we want to provide enjoyment of the sea with activities, such as sea kayaking, stand up paddle surf, snorkelling, windsurfing and even visiting a water park.

We offer the same programme to local youngsters. This is another important factor. We offer them the possibility to share experiences and learn at the same time. This cultural exchange is a wonderful way to learn from each other. With us, youngsters can learn new languages, have new friends and enjoy sea activities, at the same time.

LLeure Actiu boasts years of experience creating leisure activity programmes, and we know that with this one, we are starting something completely new and exciting: having fun and learning at the same time. We are certain the young people will never forget the experience and make friends for life.

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